CPC lists guidelines to protect telecom subscribers

To improve consumer education and protect subscribers’ from the exploitative activities of some telecommunications operators, the Consumer Protection Council has inaugurated a Compendium of the Rights of Telecommunication Subscribers in Nigeria.

The Minister of Communications Technology inaugurated the compendium in Abuja on Monday at the Consumer Roundtable on Phone Rights put together by the CPC.

She called for the NCC to strengthen its collaboration with the CPC to address subscribers’ complaints bordering on poor telecoms service delivery.

The Director-General, CPC, Mrs. Dupe Atoki, noted that users of telecoms services in Nigeria have not asserted their rights against telecoms operators due to ignorance of these rights and lack of an avenue to complain. Therefore, the CPC has codified the rights of telecommunications subscribers so that they can access, read and understand these rights.

These rights include poor network, unsolicited services, unlawful deductions/non-transparent billing, exploitative automated services, unauthorised SIM swaps/line disconnection, poor internet services and poor customer service.

The Compendium was launched as part of the commemoration of the World Consumer Rights Day.